Rise to Fight: Drums of Atelaer Theme Song

We're excited to share a very special piece of music that we commissioned and collaborated on with our friend, Pepper Coyote! Folk music is right in Pepper's wheelhouse so when we turned to look for music to add to the worldbuilding, we knew his talent would be the perfect fit!  The entire song was written & performed by him and to polish it off, Quel made a fitting album artwork to go with it. If you're unfamiliar with Pepper, go check out his music, streams & more. He's an incredible personality and we're endlessly proud to have him touch Drums of Atelaer in a delightfully musical way!

Jared “PepperCoyote” Clark Peppercoyote.bandcamp.com patreon.com/peppercoyote Find him on Spotify

Read on down below for some more bits about the song and how it ties in to the story!

Theme Since Drums of Atelaer is largely inspired by 18th century aesthetics & technology, we thought it would only be fitting to have the theme song incorporate elements of the English/Celtic blend heard around the turn of the century in Colonial America with a dash of sea-shanty.

Song Lore in Drums of Atelaer Canon: Rise to Fight has become the anthem of the Colonial Rebellion in Atelaer and can be heard everywhere from campfires to taverns. (Think of it like the notoriety of Amazing Grace in real history). The chorus is even drummed by some colonial regiments on battlefields, and because of its oral distribution, many communities have adapted their own words to some of the verses.

The song's origin came from a witness to the Somerton riots who lost his sister in the conflict, went on to join the Colonial Rebellion, and famously lost a leg to an adamas canon. When asked, songwriter claimed he was visited by an Atelan Bard during his recovery which inspired him to write the song.

Some native Atelans have such an intense adamas earth connection that they present more animal features than humanoid. These mysterious locals, whether they actually sing or not, are called Atelan Bards, for when they do emerge from the deepest parts of the woodland, they are sure to lift the spirits of all who are lucky enough to encounter them.

As for the cover artwork? It appears as though the Wiskusset 17th has been visited by an Atelan Bard! (And honestly, the only time Colonel Emberfell would consider fraternizing with his soldiers. Bards are just that powerful.)


Chorus: Take one step, make another wish die tonight or it’s the long way home fire or run when you hear the other comin’ Rise to fight another damn day

I was a young man of 16 years oway oway oway oh Me mother had begged me not to go but me heart belongs to the rifle and the road

ay oway oway-ee


The empire made a grave mistake oway oway oway oh by taking a gift not meant to harm their war machines got a glowing lucky charm Then one dark day in Somerton oway oway oway oh The people said they could take no more so the streets ran red. There were bodies by the score

As a private in the service I made my stand oway oway oway oh we marched halfway to Myrtleglade and we set up camp by the river in the shade

Me regiment awoke to the flash of blue oway oway oway oh those mixers took what they could find ’twas the life of a sister and the leg I left behind

It’s been a long year since I got back home oway oway oway oh this stump may ache when’er it rains but the songs of rebellion take away my pain

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